The aircooled Porsche market has reached values that were impossible few years ago. For example, between 2010 and 2013 you could buy a 964 RS for 50.000€ – 70.000€ and a 930 Turbo for less than 40.000€. Today, is impossible to buy those models for less than 100.000€, especially the RS, which value has increased impressively, being most expensive than the new 991 Turbo S.


It’s normal that some aircooled models have increased its value, especially those units that the number of cars produced is low compared to the regular 911’s and they’re quite special: Turbo, RS, and S models. But that increase on the prices is acceptable because its characteristics. The 930 Turbo (3.3) was an amazing car for its time, with 300hp, we had to wait 20 years until the launch of the 996 to get a Carrera with this power! The RS models are quite special, racing cars for the road, and all of them have had a very limited production. But, what about the normal Carreras, SC, 3.2, etc? Are its prices justified? Not for us.

Between 2010 and 2012 you could buy a 911 SC for 15.000€. Remember that the 911 SC was produced between 1978 and 1983, and then was replaced by the Carrera 3.2. The engine produced only 180hp, then increased to 188hp and 204hp. Today, the price of an european SC unit could reach the ridiculous price of 60.000€. And the question is: Why I must pay 60.000€ for a car that has a very limited power, a poor gearbox (long haul and very imprecise) and very limited equipment? That’s no sense! For 20.000€ – 35.000€ you could drive an amazing 996 Carrera 2 or 4, even a 4S, all of them with a minimum of 300hp (320hp for the facelifted carreras and 4S), great manual gearbox (not so good the tiptornic), great brakes and good equipment. If you spent 2000€ more, the IMS and RMS problems are solved, and you have a great car. This stuff is extendable to 964 C2 and C4 and 993’s same versions.


For this amount of money you could buy an amazing 996 Turbo with its 420hp, AWD, active rear wing, 959 intercooler design and, if you are patient, you could find a good 997 Turbo unit. And there’s no possible comparison between an SC, 964 and 993c2/4 and a Turbo. So, why this aircooled units are reaching this prices? It’s just the fact that people saw the rising price of the special units (Turbo, RS, S), and they put on sale their cars at similar prices. But if you look the market closely, the units remain for sale, without being sold in most cases. If you take a look on the prices of this units on the last months, you will discover that the prices are not rising anymore, and they are even starting to fall.

We believe that the evolution of the market leads to stagnation and lower prices of standard aircooled units. By contrast, the watercooled models, espceially Turbo and GT models, will continue to rise in price in the coming months, being the most profitable model the Porsche 996 Turbo.


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