Imagine you are driving your Ferrari 512BB on the Autobahn  at 210km/h and a “small” Golf Rabbit overtakes your piece of art from Maranello with astonishing facility. Then you feel completely sick until you realise that is a work from Guenter Artz, manager of the Nordstadt Company, a Volkswagen dealer in Hannover. Artz is known for raising many an eyebrow in 1973 with his one-of-a-kind Porsche Carrera-powered 200km/h VW Beetle.


This Golf is probably the most famous creation from Artz. Based on the chassis, interior and mechanics of a Porsche 928, is added to set a body of Volkwagen Golf GL which is 30 cm wider than normal, longer and made of completely handmade, as Artz detailed itself on December 1979 on Road & Track:

“We took a complete 928 chassis and drivetrain and built a Rabbit body around it. It required extensive handwork because the size of the engine made it necessary to widen the body by approximately 9 in. Only the doors and side panels are original Rabbit; all other body panels had to be custom-made. The windshield alone cost us $3500,” says Artz, who keeps a tight lip about the selling price of his creation. ” But, whoever, is ready to put his signature on a sizable.check,” promises Artz, “will have the time of his life!”


The 928 v8 4.5L engine fitted on this amazing Golf produced 240 hp that allows the Rabbit to take a top speed of 230 km/h. With the launch of the Porsche 928S, the Golf got a new heart, the new V8 4.7 liters and 300hp, which improved even more its performance. 


Road & Track tested the car in 1979, and wrote that the comfortable leather seats are straight out of a 928. So are the steering wheel, dashboard and instruments. All in all, it gives you the feeling of being inside a Porsche with two important differ­ ences: Overall outward vision is much better, and the rear compartment with its fold-down bucket seats provides more legroom than the 928’s. Standard amenities include electric window lifts, an electric sunroof and air conditioning. The flexibility of the car’s torquey V8 permits the driver who prefers comfortable cruising over sporty driving to forget the gearshift occasionally”.


According to Nordstadt, only 10 cars were built: 2 with a manual transmission Porsche 5-speed, and 8 with an automatic transmission. Where they ere sold? 6 were planned for Germany, 2 for Austria, 1 for Switzerland and 1 for France.



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