Lotus Turbo Esprit -Giugiaro body- (1980-1987)

Based on the incredible ESSEX Turbo Esprit from 1980, this was the first factory turbocharged Esprit, and the car that allowed Lotus to compete with italian supercars. The new turbocharged dry-sump type 910 engine produced 210 hp (157 kW) and 200 lb·ft (270 N·m) of torque. 0-60 mph could be achieved in 6.1 seconds, with a top speed of 150 mph (240 km/h).


This car is an absolute bargain, pure sport performance with prices between 35.000€ to 75.000€ depending on the condition of the car, and rising everyday. 

Porsche 911 -G-Series- (1973-1989)

The G-Series appeared for first time in 1973. For the 1976 model year, Porsche introduced the Carrera 3.0 with wide rear flares, optional whaletail, and a variety of other luxury options.For the 1976 model year, Porsche introduced the Carrera 3.0 with wide rear flares, optional whaletail, and a variety of other luxury options.


The most interesting models are the SC, the Carrera 3.2 and the incredible Turbo, which was a reference in its time with 300hp. Nowadays you can find a good example of SC or Carrera 3.2 from 40.000€ to 90.000€ or more for a Turbo.

Renault Alpine V6 Turbo (1984-1991)

This was the first car launched by Alpine under Renault ownership. It used the PRV V6 engine in a rear-engined layout, with extensive use of Polyester plastics and fibreglass for the body panels making it considerably lighter and quicker than rivals such as the Porsche 944. 


The most interesting versions are the turbo model which increased the power of the PRV unit to 200 PS (147 kW), and the limited production Le Mans, with a more aggressive body kit with polyester wheel arch extensions and a one piece front with smaller headlights. Wheels were 3 piece BBS style produced by ACT, 8×16″ front & 10×17″ rear and the power rised tu 210ps. you could find this car from 15.000€ (V6 GTA) to 55.000€ (Le Mans)


Ferrari 348 (1989-1995)

The Ferrari 348, the “mini-testarossa”, is an amazing Ferrari to start the Maranello life. It was produced between 1989 and 1995, and is a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive V8-powered 2-seat sports car that replaced the 328.


The 348 was offered as a coupe, targa or spider, and features a normally aspirated 3.4-litre version of the quad-cam, four-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine. It produces 300 hp (224 kW).

Is possible to find a good unit from 40.000€


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