Based on the model 488 Spyder, Ferrari wanted to pay homage to the 50 years of the brand in the country of the rising sun. The J50 thus becomes one of the most exclusive convertible cavallinos when manufacturing only 10 units, most of them destined to the Japanese market.

The new J50 will be fitted with the 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbo engine of the 488 whose maximum power is now up to 690 hp, coupled with a dual clutch and seven-speed transmission. Ferrari has not provided information or changes made in the engine or its performance, but are assumed similar to those of the 488.


Regarding the exterior, the car is simply impressive, combining influences from old models of the brand with innovative technical solutions to improve aerodynamics. For example, the windshield is even more stretched and shortened than the 488 model, to allow to feel the sensations to the maximum at the wheel while giving an unmistakable silhouette. For cooling, the radiators adopt a new position that improves airflow, as well as the entire nose with new LED optics and larger air intakes.


At the rear there is a new image, which begins with the safety arches, a transparent engine cover, aerodynamic attachments and an enormous diffuser with two large exits. To top off the impressive looks, the J50 goes with 20-inch wheels.

The interior is almost identical to the 488 with alcantara, leather and carbon fiber. Given how difficult it is to see one live, we are content to see the images that Ferrari has provided.



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