Going out on a Sunday morning with friends to make a route with the cars is always fancy, and if you do it with the most illustrious sports car in history even better. But if also is the flagship of the range, it already becomes a perfect plan: Route with the 911 turbo.

At 11 am on a sunny Sunday, we met in a car park in the center of Andorra, that would be the starting point of the route. I arrived the first with my 996 turbo, of which we have prepared a review for the next weeks. After a few minutes, David arrived with another 996 Turbo and then came the two legends: Miquel’s 930 turbo and Jose’s exclusive 964 Turbo 3.6.

Two aircooled and two watercooled, and two of them original and two others upgraded. While David’s 996 Turbo and 964 Turbo 3.6 were fully original, the 930 and our 996 had some improvements. The 930 was equipped with the RUF front bumper of the BTR model, additional lights and an impressive interior. Our 996 has a lowered suspension thanks to the H & R springs, a short shift kit and an ECU upgrade that increases the power up to 505hp.


After breakfast, we started the route to Spain, not without seeing how all eyes turned to our cars: three generations together of the 911 turbo are not seen every day. So, we drive to the border with Spain and we took the road that runs through the Cadi Tunnel until we reach Guardiola de Berguedà, where we made the first stop. After taking some nice photos of our cars, we resume the route and we cross the towns of La Pobla de l’Illet and Castellar de N’Hug, until we reach the road where the Collada de Toses begins.

We started the climb to the Collada at a moderate pace to get some feedback about the road. David was ahead with the 996, I was following him with the aircooled turbos behind, closing the group the 964 Turbo 3.6. As we went up we started to pick up the pace, with the 996s opening a gap from the aircooleds. When the turbos start to blow the sound is magnificent, and that impressive kick when the engine reaches 3,000 rpm invites you to push more and more the throttle until you reach the injection cut.

The road of the Collada is magnificent to push the car, as it has a very good asphalt and chaining curves is a delight. I could see how difficult it was for David to keep the car at some curves because the typical feeling of floating of the 911s on the front axle, even more on the turbos, which my car didn’t had so much thanks to the upgraded springs. I don’t want to imagine how the aircooleds should gone on that curves, but I’m sure that this beasts made their drivers sweat to go fast on that road.

Already at the top of the Collada we regroup to start the section of descent towards the region of la Cerdanya. Miquel took the lead with his 930, followed by us and the 964 closing the group again. The view of the rear of the 930 is magnificent, with its rear wide wheel arches and its magnificent whale tail. I could appreciate the deserved reputation of the Porsche brake systems, because the 930, I suppose also benefited by its lower weight respect to the 996, was able to brake at high speed quite late for being a car of 1982, and it did not seem to notice brake fading in the whole descent.

We continued the descent, linking curve after curve until, by our surprise, we had to stop before a large mobile chicane: A flock of sheep was crossing the road. The four turbos in a row in such beautiful landscape made it possible to get some fantastic pictures. The recognizable figure of 911, does not go unnoticed, and in each of the generations can be appreciated the original shape that was designed back in the 60’s. I cannot understand those who say that the 996 is ugly, what a shame!

Once we resume the pace, we descend towards Alp, crossing the beautiful landscapes of the Cerdanya that surround the villages of Urús, and take the road N-260 that passes through Bellver de Cerdanya and Martinet to go to the restaurant “La Taverna dels Noguers”, located in the village of Pont de Bar.


Miquel recommended this restaurant and, certainly, we enjoyed a good meal. The main theme of the meal was the 911, praising once again the virtues that has this legendary model. David and I were especially pleased with the rise in the prices of our models in last months, so it was a perfect day.

Once the meal is over, we started again the legendary flat-six engine and we returned to the N-260 to get back to Andorra. Now, it’s time to prepare the next route!



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