There’s great news for Porsche pursists: The new restyled GT3 will get a 4.0L flat-six normally aspirated engine like the GT3RS. According to Autocar, the new GT3 will receive a new 4.0-liter flat six engine, but it will be different from the one found in the current GT3 RS and 911 R. This new engine would instead be sourced from Porsche’s 911 RSR race car, according to Dr. Frank Walliser, head of Porsche Motorsport and GT cars.

Autocar‘s source says the main development work is focused on durability, claiming the motor “has done thousands of kilometers, absolutely flat out, with no problems at all.” The new car also will come with a choice between a six-speed manual (yes!) and the amazing seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission. The spy shots of the car showed a manual version of the car, and it seems to be the same gearbox of the 911R.


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