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Secret Garage: Citroën BX 4TC

Back in the 80’s Citroen decided to step up to the WRC’s premier class with its BX 4TC

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The perfect sunday: Route with three 911 Turbo generations

Going out on a Sunday morning with friends to make a route with the cars is always fancy, and if you do with the most illustrious sports car in history even better. But if also is the flagship of the range, it already becomes a perfect plan: Route with the 911 turbo.

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Secret Garage: The wolf in sheep’s clothing – Volkswagen Golf V8 “Artz” –

Imagine you are driving your Ferrari 512BB on the Autobahn at 210km/h and a “small” Golf Rabbit overtakes your piece of art from Maranello with astonishing facility. Then you feel completely sick until you realise that is a work from Guenter Artz, manager of the Nordstadt Company, a Volkswagen dealer in Hannover. Artz is known for raising many an eyebrow in 1973 with his one-of-a-kind Porsche Carrera-powered 200km/h VW Beetle.