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Range Rover Velar, la última creación de Land Rover – By SelectDrive Club

La última creación de Land Rover ya rueda por nuestras carreteras. Nosotros la hemos probado, y es un auténtica pasada!

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The perfect sunday: Route with three 911 Turbo generations

Going out on a Sunday morning with friends to make a route with the cars is always fancy, and if you do with the most illustrious sports car in history even better. But if also is the flagship of the range, it already becomes a perfect plan: Route with the 911 turbo.

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Hypercar beater: Lotus 3-Eleven

Everybody dreams about owning an hypercar once in its life, but this is rather difficult due its price, that always is above 1M€. If you want hypercar performance for less than the 5% of the price of a LaFerrari / P 1 / 918 Spyder, you could have it, and is the worst nightmare of this holy trinity: The Lotus 3-Eleven.