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Category: Secret Garage

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Secret Garage: Citroën BX 4TC

Back in the 80’s Citroen decided to step up to the WRC’s premier class with its BX 4TC

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Secret Garage: The wolf in sheep’s clothing – Volkswagen Golf V8 “Artz” –

Imagine you are driving your Ferrari 512BB on the Autobahn at 210km/h and a “small” Golf Rabbit overtakes your piece of art from Maranello with astonishing facility. Then you feel completely sick until you realise that is a work from Guenter Artz, manager of the Nordstadt Company, a Volkswagen dealer in Hannover. Artz is known for raising many an eyebrow in 1973 with his one-of-a-kind Porsche Carrera-powered 200km/h VW Beetle.